The Rings of Hesaurun
A grand feast of the imagination.

"A top-notch, fast-paced suspense/sci-fi/time travel fantasy-adventure with an epic scope, myriad of characters, and settings. A thrilling page-turner that puts the reader inside the mind of the characters. Brilliant character development akin to King or Koontz."

Michael Smith
“Imagine a time—anytime in your life, you could contain ‘time’ that escapes us all? Author Peter Harrett takes you beyond your soul, ego and own eyes to a place only the strong hearted can survive in the first book of his series, The Rings of Hesaurun. A great read! Looking forward to the second book in the series, The Ring Bearer.”

Pamela Trush
“The Rings of Hesaurun is a grand feast of the imagination, and an triumphant return of Epic Sci-Fi! Peter Harrett’s story unfolds and wraps itself around your brain with knife-edge suspense and haunting originality. This is the novel most authors only dream of writing!”

Sam Sevren

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The Rings of Hesaurun Series, Book One, kickstarts a thrilling sci-fi time-travel series that has listeners clutching their seats in suspense!

Fleeing an alien menace of galactic proportions, a starship named The Dreamer crash-lands on Earth in the year 2431 BCE. Responding to the crash, primitive earthlings discover the ship’s commander Valerie Dunne is a 5,000-year-old woman from the future, forced to escape her nemesis, the Boecki, by hiding in the past. Soon they learn the fate of the future world now rests on this strange woman’s ability to harness five Hesaurun rings — rings with the power to destroy, heal, and manipulate time — and somehow find a way to alter her own destiny.

An epic Sci-Fi tale of good and evil, rescue and survival, betrayal and love, and a threat to mankind unlike anything the human race has ever faced, The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One burns with the scope and imagination of the greatest Fantasy novels of the golden age. Weaving in a huge cast of humans and aliens, the author has crafted a galaxy for readers of the 21st century to believe in…immense, ancient, and mind-bending.

The Rings of Hesaurun is a fast-paced easy-to-follow adventure with a myriad of characters, settings, and surprises. A thrilling page-turner with character development akin to the brilliance of King or Koontz..

About the author


Born and raised in Oregon, Peter D. Harrett has spent most of his adult life in Western Washington, where he lives with his family. Peter credits his interest in language and writing to his grandfather, Peter James Bennett, a prolific poet who was both a mentor and a role model, and continues to shape Peter’s life and character to this day. The Rings of Hesaurun; Book One is Peter’s first novel.

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Rings of Hesaurun By Peter Harrett

The fate of the Earth, and all humanity, rests in the hands of Valerie Dunne, the heroine from Book One of The Rings of Hesaurun. Thousands of years in the past, warring alien forces are preparing to harvest planet Earth of its resources, and enslave the human race, or stockpile them for consumption. Meanwhile, on Earth, young Valerie finds herself used as a pawn in a ruthless power struggle against both alien and human forces bent on possessing the rings—at any cost. Will Valerie succumb to the terrifying threat of revenge from her nemesis, Egan Stone? Or will she finally learn to unleash the awesome power the five rings contain?

This astonishing, breathlessly-paced sequel to The Rings of Hesaurun is packed with spellbinding twists and turns. Weaving in an immense cast of memorable characters, with Book Two: The Ring Bearer, Peter Harrett has once again crafted a riveting universe of immortal conflict, love, loss and survival.

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The Dreamer, book 3 in the Hesaurun Rings series, continues the story of Valerie Dunne, who time-traveled to the year 2431 BCE to escape her enemies. Although she lived out her natural life in Earth’s prehistoric past, she recurs as promised in the twenty-first century and begins life anew as Master of the Five Rings of Hesaurun.

When Marine One appears out of the morning mist and rushes her to The White House on short notice, she learns there is much more to the story than a dinner meeting with the President—a startling revelation, and first contact. Suddenly Valerie finds herself at the center of a political storm that threatens to undo everything she has worked for.

Time is running out even as the alien threat continues stripping star systems of their eco-systems and closes in on Earth. While all sides struggle to consolidate power, Valerie suffers a terrible loss. Now she must find a way to hold herself and Earth’s new alliance together as the entire galaxy watches and prays…



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