Rings of Hesaurun, Book 1

By Peter H

In a galaxy on the edge of cosmic oblivion, one girl must embrace a power she never summoned and fulfill a destiny she never chose. Five Rings…On the ravaged world of Hesaurun resides an ancient species of sentient mechanoids, The Preservers. Burgeoning with power and determined to cleanse the cosmos of evil, their world-bending potential remains dormant in the absence of a worthy, organic vassal. An Extraterrestrial Menace…The Boecki, a vicious race of alien tyrants. Fueled by an insatiable hunger to conquer and consume, they will stop at nothing until they’ve devoured every last biosphere across the galaxy. One Girl…Valerie Dunne, a waif adrift. She is all but a trivial human child until time ceases to work as it should, and an unforeseen destiny rewrites her entire existence. Now, thrust into the heart of a bitter, intergalactic struggle for survival, Valerie is forced to champion a fight and master a power she neither knows nor requested— or watch as The Boecki consume everything. An action-packed, coming-of-age fiction series about a girl who must navigate her way through a purpose she never knew existed. Book One in The Hesaurun Ring Series kickstarts the epic Sci-Fi thriller that’ll have readers clutching their seats in suspense and excitement.

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