The science fiction genre has been a hot trend in the last couple decades. Comic cons worldwide have been inspired by the looks of several science fictional characters. These science fictional stories have been one of the most interesting and creative stories worldwide. Even in the case of movies science fictional themes has caught the world by storm as the highest grossing movies have been by the marvel universe that is science fictional.

There are several books that have been able to catch the eye for readers worldwide. These books have been a top seller in the market and have been able to leave their name in the minds of the readers.

List Of Best Sci-fi Books

1. The Rings of Heasuaren By Peter Harrett

rings of Heasuaren
Author: Peter Harrett.

The rings of Heasuaren has been one of the most anticipated books over the globe. The book is available at Amazon and is seen as one of the top sellers throughout the globe. The story consists of a trilogy that is filled with suspense and thrill through every page. The author Peter Harrett has been promising with his book through every stage and has been displaying his promise in this series. His stories are an interesting read for all the science fiction fanatics.

2. Consider Phlebas

Consider Phlebas
By: Ian M. Banks

The book has caught several fans by surprise as it offers the perfect blend of emotions as at every stage the story takes unexpected turn.  This cultural story has everything from action to old fashion duels the story has it all. The character development is in this story is second to none. This is why it is one of the most prominent name at Amazon.

3. Dune

By Frank Herbert

This book has been in the top 5 of almost every list with its classic story. The story is known to be light years ahead of its time as it is full of thrills and suspense. You will find a cliff hanger at every aspect so keep your nails safe as the finish will be nail-biting. The popular book is available on several websites including Amazon.

4. The Time Machine

The Time Machine
By: H.G Wells

As suggested by the name the story revolves around time travel. His journey through 30 million years in the future has made the audience fell in love with the characters. The story has been a roller-coaster of emotions as the world of H.G Wells has twists and turns at every front. The book is available is worldwide hit and is available for you at multiple book platforms.

5. Ammonite

By Nicola Griffith

This story revolves around the government anthropologist Maghe Taishan that has its life revolving a sinister group that has been targeting it. The story has a wide range of action as the story includes a disease that has a severe impact on the native population. The book is available at Amazon for science fiction fanatics to enjoy from.

6. All Systems Red

All Systems Red
By Martha Wells

The story has been based on a planet that is unknown for the characters and they are severely attacked by monsters and assisted by cyborg that is a mystery in itself. This epic thriller is the ideal option for astronomy sci fi lovers. The story has been written by Martha Wells and is available on Amazon. This journey to another planet has been liked globally.

7. Light

By: John Harrison

Are you ready to enter a world where the laws of physics are broken? The place has been surrounded by intelligent species that are prepared to kill everything in their way. The story is unique and gives goose bumps to the readers. The story is written by John Harrison who has built a reputation as science fiction’s fiercest critic. This interesting combination is available for the readers at Amazon.

8. Frankenstein

By Mary Shelly

There has been so many Frankenstein stories and references over the years but unlike the Frankenstein monster stories. This particular story revolves around the tragic story of Victor Frankenstein that eventually is known the Frankenstein’s Monster. This story will leave no eyes dry as it shows a genius turn in to a monster. You can find this interesting story at Amazon.

9. The Blazing World

The Blazing World
By: Margaret Cavendish

This staggering book is known as the first book in science fiction. It was released in 1666 and with over multiple centuries the book still has readers worldwide. This inspiring feminist text has caught the eye of several writers over the years. It is important to read the roots of science fictional books so it is a must read. The book is available on platforms such as Amazon and Waterstones.

10. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

The ever green story of dinosaurs has become a multi-million dollar franchise on the movie screen. This inspiring science fictional story revolves around a world where humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Discover the world of dinosaurs authentically on several platforms such as Amazon and Waterstones.

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